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About Kelko Products Company

Kelko Products Company stocks a full line of bar stock in all common sizes and alloys. We have your raw material on the shelf and ready for immediate production. Materials are color coded upon receipt and certifications of all materials are maintained on file.

Most parts are cut off in Traub Automatic Cut-off machines. We have enough of these machines to leave them set up on most commonly ordered diameters. When we receive your order, we can immediately start cutting it by only adjusting the length and chamfer characteristics. This reduces set up costs and production times.

Small diameter parts, for cut threading, are threaded in a threading machine of our own design and manufacture. Like the Traubs, we have machines set up for every common diameter. By adjusting the pitch diameter and the length, we can produce parts with very little delay for set up.

Large diameter parts are threaded in Landis Threading Machines. These machines have a history of reliable performance and threading quality that has become an industry standard.

Kelko Products Company can also supply your rolled thread parts. We have recently acquired three Tesker Automatic Roll threaders. These are the latest available technology and product consistently accurate parts at very high volumes.

Kelko Products Company also specializes in manufacturing your custom turned parts. We have four CNC turning centers equipped with bar feeders. We can produce your short or long run parts at very competitive prices and outstanding quality and delivery.

Our Quality & Production of Double End Stud Bolts

Our Quality Guarantee

Quality is a hallmark of Kelko Products Company. Not only are your parts inspected at each stage of the production cycle but continuous inspections take place as the parts are manufactured. No expense is spared when it comes to quality. We use only the best gages, micrometers, snap roll gages, and set plugs. Each gage and plug are maintained by a rigorous calibration schedule to insure that the parts we make for you are as accurate as possible. In many instances, we have manufactured special gages to measure one critical dimension.

No matter how well made your parts are, if they are damaged in shipping, they are scrap. We at Kelko Products Company take extra care to package your parts in a way that will prevent damage and insure that the high quality parts that leave us, arrive at your facility in perfect condition.

Kelko Products Company will manage your inventory for you with our VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) Program. Upon receiving your order, we manufacture the entire lot quantity of parts and package them to your specifications. As a customer, you simply call Kelko Products and request that we release the appropriate quantity and you are invoiced for only the quantity released. A simple "Letter of Commitment to Purchase" and a purchase order is all that is required. Never run out of parts again. Let Kelko Products Company manage your stud bolt and custom turned parts inventory.

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