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Additional Machining, Finishing & Bending Services

Custom threading equipment, turning centers, and screw machines at our facility allow us to machine as well as finish custom stud bolts. We have dedicated Traub automatic screw machines to produce stud bolts with diameters ranging from 1/4" through 2". These Traub automatics cut and chamfer parts in a single operation.

Three Brown & Sharps 2G automatics enable us to cut larger diameters with precision, speed, and accuracy. Utilizing custom-built threading machines, die heads, and holders, we manufacture quality fasteners to precise tolerances. Our Landis threaders ensure accurate threading on large diameter parts.

For high volume precision threading applications, we make use of Tesker Roll threaders. Thread quality is inspected at the production stage using ring gages and set plugs. Stud bolts can also be hot dip galvanized, passivated, or coated with black oxide/phosphate/zylan. In addition, we also offer custom packaging services to prevent shipping damage.

Capabilities & Equipment List



Milling (Wrench Flats & Other Flats)
Roll Burnishing


Slotting (Vent & Screw Driver)
Thread Rolling
Turning (Hex Body & Round Ends)
Turning (Multiple Diameters on one Part)

Bending Capabilities

J Hooks

U Bolts

Trailer pins

Surface Finishing Capabilities

Hot Dip Galvanizing


Production Capacity

We specialize in short runs and minimal lead times for single piece or 10,000 parts

Screw Machines

(16) A-25 Traubs 1/4" dia. thru 1"
(3) Brown & Sharpe 2G 1/2" dia. thru 1-1/4" dia


(1) WAGNER WA70 Cold Saw
5/16" dia. thru 2-1/2" dia.
6" up to 40" long

Turning Centers

(1) HARDINGE Conquest 51 2-5/8" dia x 22"
(2) HARDINGE Conquest T42 1-1/2" dia. x 13"
(1) HARDINGE Conquest GT 1" dia. x 11"

Milling Machines

(2) Vertical Milling Machines
Drilling, Slotting, & Wrench Flats

Threading Machines

(1) LANDIS Double Spindle Threading Machine 2" dia.
(2) LANDIS Double Spindle Threading Machines 1-1/2" dia.
(17) Custom-built Threading Machines 1/4" thru 1" dia.
(1) Custom Thread Rolling Machine 1/4" dia. thru 5/8" dia.
(3) Tesker Roll Threaders

Stamping Machines

Custom-built Stamping Machines
Customer Identification Marking
Material-grade Marking


Extensive Collection of Ring Gages & Set Plugs
STARRETT Tri-Roll Gages & Full-form Gages
(1) 30" Optical Comparator

Additional Information

Service Advantages

Eliminate Obsolescence
Improve Inventory Control
Provide Greater Engineering Flexibility

Reduce Lead Times
Reduce Storage and Aging Problems

Surface Finishing Advantages

Coating protects studs from corrosion
Passivated stud bolts are best suited for marine applications
Plating enhances environmental plus corrosion resistance of metal studs
Tensile and yield strength of steel bolts can be enhanced by hot dip galvanizing

Industries Served

Industrial Machinery
Oil Refinery

Fluid Power


Actual Chemical and Physical Properties Reported by an Independent Testing Laboratory
Certification of Compliance to Drawings, Specifications, or Material
Certifications to a Specified Standard (ASME, ASTM, SAE J429, etc.)
FQA Complaint
Original Mill Certifications

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